Thursday 24 March 2022

Club Swimming Structure

Squad Level 
Club System
Mini Squad
Mid Squad
Senior Squad
Elite Squad

Squad Level 1 – Mini Squad

* Expected to attend two training sessions per week.
* Two training sessions of 30 minutes are available each week.
This squad includes the following work & expectations:
  1. Stroke technique on all four competitive strokes, using coach – controlled sets & single lap work.
  2. Stroke drill progression for all 4 competitive strokes.
  3. Endurance & speed training to prepare swimmers for the next level.
  4. Introduction to IM swimming.
  5. Turns for all 4 competitive strokes & IM’s.
  6. Starts on all 4 competitive strokes.
  7. Correct finishes on all 4 competitive strokes.
  8. Sculling & games.
  9. Using a pace clock.
  10. Training in a group environment & lane discipline.
  11. Rules of the sport.
  12. Attendance at club nights & club championships.
  13. Punctual start times for all sessions.
  14. Introduction to basic stretching exercises.
  15. The training equipment that swimmers need in this squad is a kick board, water bottle & flippers.
Criteria for movement from squad level 1 to squad level 2
  1. 100m Freestyle with tumble turns & bilateral breathing.
  2. 50m Backstroke with correct tumble turn.
  3. 50m Breaststroke with correct under water pullouts.
  4. 25m Butterfly with correct finish.
  5. 100m IM & correct turns.
  6. A competitive racing start.
  7. Correct finishes in all 4 competitive strokes.
Squad Level 2 – Mid Squad

* Introduced to more types of training sets.
* Steered to swimming the 200m IM.
* Expected to attend a minimum of 3 training sessions per week.
* Five training sessions of one hour is available each week, covering about 2 000m – 3 100m.
This squad includes the following work & expectations:
  1. Develop & improve.
  2. Learn & develop stroke drill progression.
  3. Monitor training using test sets.
  4. Practice IM swim sets.
  5. Learn & perfect starts, turns & finishes.
  6. Relay takeovers.
  7. Independently monitoring training by using the pace clock.
  8. Complete varied pace swims, builds, negative splits, descending sets, pacing & over distance swims.
  9. Learn rules of the sport.
  10. Increase distance covered.
  11. Participate club nights & club championships.
  12. Learn the process of goal setting & working towards objectives.
  13. Learn to keep a logbook of training & competition results.
  14. Practice basic stretching & basic body weight exercises including core strength work.
  15. The training equipment that swimmers need in this squad is; pull buoy, kick board, water bottle & flippers.
Criteria for movement from squad level 2 to squad level 3
  1. 10 x 100m Freestyle on 2.15 with correct turns.
  2. 10 x 100m IM on 2.30 with correct turns.
  3. Confident to swim the 200m IM.
  4. Attend 4 sessions of the available 5 sessions each week.
Squad Level 3 – Senior Squad & Elite Squad

* Eight training sessions per week of one & a half hours.
11 year old's 5 sessions per week
12 year old's 6 sessions per week
13 years & older 8 sessions per week
* Eight-week training program with the aim to peak at selected competitions.
* The emphasis for this squad is building a strong aerobic endurance base.
* Training attendance & attitude is important.

This squad includes the following work & expectations:
  1. Stroke drill progression.
  2. Variety of test sets.
  3. The following types of training sets are included in the overall training plan,
a) Aerobic training zone
b) Anaerobic threshold zone
c) High performance endurance training zone
d) Race pace work
e) Speed work
f) Negative splitting
g) Build
h) Descending
i) Double up sets
  1. Females work on negative splitting their swims of 200m & longer. Males on even splitting the same swims.
  2. Do equal amount of work on pull & kick.
  3. Speed work (short sprints) is programmed into the first part of the session to develop speed & end of the session to develop race specific endurance.
  4. Learn to use the pace clock, pace, stroke rate, stroke count & heart rates.
  5. Own equipment that is needed on the pool deck every training session – kick board, pull buoy, hand paddles, water bottle, fins & snorkel.
  6. Goal setting is formalised into a process that includes the coach & parents.
  7. Logbooks are kept.
  8. Competing.
  9. Knowledge of nutrition.
  10. Stretch exercises & land workouts.
Criteria for movement from squad level 3 to squad level 4
  1. Attendance.
  2. Attend next level of training.
  3. Positive approach & attitude.
  4. Achievements at competitions.
All squads will have a varied capability due to age groups & competitive goals & personal goals. If the coaches feel your child would benefit by moving up a squad they will speak to the parents first & then make a final decision. Remember the social development of the swimmer is just as important as their swimming development.