Thursday 24 March 2022
Swimming Coach’s Portfolio
The swimming coach at Blue Ocean Aquatics Swim Club is Mandy Koegelenberg. 
   Mandy Koegelenberg
Mandy is a swimmer herself & participates at masters events provincially & nationally & hold a number of KZN short course records. Mandy has obtained her Level 4 qualification from ASCA (America Swimming Coaches Association) & has swimmers that have qualified for Senior Nationals, Level 3, Level 2 & Level 1 Nationals.  She also holds qualifications in sports management & personal training.

Swimming Levels
Level 1 is for young swimmers first coming into the system and who are unable to, as yet, achieve the higher level qualifying times. At this level the swimmer takes part in +- 5 galas during the season held at various venues. This is the starting point for competitive swimming.
Level 2 is the 1st level of competitive swimming – at this level the swimmer takes part in regular galas held at various venues in the province as well as at local district Ugu galas. During these galas one of the objectives is to get qualifying times for level 2 regional and qualifying times to be promoted to level 3 & SANJ.
Level 3 & SANJ is the top levels of swimming and from these levels you can qualify to swim regional & national championships which are hosted throughout South Africa.
The importance of taking part in the level galas is that you are training towards something and are trying to qualify for the next level.