Thursday 24 March 2022

Splash Series


Blue Ocean Aquatics hosts 2 fun galas each year, they are the Junior Splash Gala in February/March and October. The Junior Splash gala is for children aged up to 13 years old, and are an opportunity for unregistered swimmers to swim at a gala. All 10 and under races are 25m, 11 to 13 year old races are 50m, and all IM’s over 100m. We offer medals to the top 3 in each event and age group trophies for the top swimmer of the day in each age group. We regret no 14+ aged swimmers or level 3 and up swimmers are permitted to enter. 

BOA Splash Gala Entry Form

Splash Program

Splash Flyer 2022

Splash Entry Form -  19th March 2022


Splash Series

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